Tuesday, March 9

Day 2

(pic from Cosmogirl)

Woke up all night long. Was I hungry, thirsty, delusional from the lack of food?
Had a HORRIBLE headache today. I am sure it was mainly due to the lack of caffeine. I took 2 excedrins (prob not best choice, but much better than drinking a big glass of caffeine). Helped.
I worked all day today and managed to drink 5 (at least) 24oz jugs of water. YEA ME! I had 1/2 my Brownie Bar around 4 (not as good as the Cookies & Cream). It is MUCH easier to be busy. Much. I am hoping tomo will be ok and that I will start getting used to the lack of.
ps AVOID the pre-made Berry Shake (thought it would be yummy. NOT AT ALL. Tastes like medicine.


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