Friday, January 21

Working out?

Aren't you proud? Well. I sure as heck and so freaking proud of ME!!

Weekly Wrap
Here is what I did this week. And before you want to puke, I am not doing this brag. I am recording this the way I recored all my ups and downs with the food part. It is my way of holding me accountable.

Monday~ worked  1/2 day
Tuesday~ 30 mins treadmill, 30 min circut
Wednesday~ worked ALL day- out w/ Bunko girls
Thursday~ 30 mins treadmill 30 min circut
ZUMBA 1 hour!!!!!!!!
Friday~ 45mins treadmill 2.7miles. GREAT!

ZUMBA!! Have you tried it? This was my 1st experiance. I LOVED IT!!
Best time, most fun, laughed at myself the entire hour.
Soaking wet hair, stinky from sweat.
Kat (which how could I not, we share a name) & Courtney are the BEST.
Check them out on Facebook.
They have fans from all over the world and for once I am excited to live in my small town.
Why? 'cause this is where they live!!
ZUMBA at La Rumba

Monday, January 17

OMG..... I'M Back

I am back and the news is good.
I have maintained my weight!
Gained a few from Turkey Day to New Years but lost it!
NOW.... I am going to FINALLY add the workout.
I know, I know I have mentioned (hum, um) before that I was going to work out.
Well. I am. I have and I like it.
I have more energy and am WAY nicer.
Family likes that.
My goal is a 5K in this Spring.
Going to a Runmotavited Info Class next Tues. I will let you all know how this goes.
IF they do what they say they can do then I will go from no real movement other than chasing Jack thru Target to running in 6 weeks. PERFECT.
Why you ask.
In 7 WEEKS it will have been 1 year since I started my journey to find ME.
The healthy, happy ME.
My Birthday.
It's all about me!