Thursday, March 18

Matazuma's Revenge (Days 9-11)

OMG, after such a successful weigh in on Monday and a good day Tues (I worked all day drank my shakes & ate my bar) Tuesday night I turned green according to Hubs and got the bug that the Boys had. I have it bad. The best case saniro is that it helped with weight loss. Gross, I know but, you gotta see some sort of positive in such an aful situation. It has been almost 48 hrs and I have had 1/2 a sleeve of saltine crackers and about 1/2 can of low sodium Campbell's kids Mega Noodles & Chicken Broth. I hope these will not ruin my week of loss but as I said on Sunday I just can't even imagine putting a milk like substance in my rotton gut! I pray that when I wake tomorrow the sun will shine, the birds will sing, and my poop will be solid.


KatiePerk said...

oh no! Feel better soon!!

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