Sunday, March 21

Weekend (Day 13 & 14)

The weekend was good.
I had a HUGE challenge on Saturday. We had Dinner Club and this is the 1st and only one thank goodness during my 6 week Detox! My friends are super supportive and have been so wonderful, but you know it isn't everyday that you show up at a Dinner Party to NOT eat or drink. We are quit a bunch of drinkers and so as the group ties one on I sipped on my Crystal Light and remembered what it was like being preggers.
It was hard, hardest thing I have done in a long time, harder than just staying home. I am that girl. I don't tend to take the easy way out. I faced it head on and I was FINE. I didn't die.  I lived to plan another day. YEA for ME!!

p.s. as I am writing this it's 10:01pm Sunday night and my Hubs just got his leftover piece of cheesecake (from last night's DC) drenched it is chocolate syrup and is munching down. GOOD GRIEF! If I can do this living with him- I can do ANYTHING!


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