Wednesday, March 10

Day 3

Today seems a bit better. I feel less puffy! I also am not suffering with such a headache as yesterday. I actually had to force myself to drink the last shake yesterday. I really had to choke it down as all I really wanted to do was to go to bed after working/standing for 10hrs! yikes. I did drink it. I slept a bit better last night and I drank my first shake about 8am .  Today went well. Looking forward to tomorrow.


SafeHomeHappyMom said...

I am now following your blog from a late Friday Follow. This is a neat and chic blog, I will be reading up more. You can also follow me at i'm sure you will like it too.

Blessing @ Safe Home Happy Mom

Sassy Brit said...

Hi there! I'm from Friday Follow too! Good luck with your mission. I would like to give up caffeine too. I drink far too much of it.

Take care!


Debbie said...

I'm glad you are rid of the headache. Those things are awful!
I'm a new follower from Friday Follow. Nice to meet you.

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