Friday, March 5

Doctor's Visit!

I went to the doctor and for the 1st time since I had Jack I looked at the scale. MORTIFIED! OMG I nearly pooped my pants. HOW have I gotton this BIG? How? Well, I know how, for the past 2 yrs I have cooked like my life depended on it. I have drank coke (the real thing) lots and lots of sweet tea,and honestly, have not done any form of exercise. No wonder I am FAT! Good grief, I have always had a problem with my weight I got to my heaviest in 1995 and at the time went from a 14 to 8. Then heavier in 1999 14+ down to 10 and now busting out of a 16 (refuse to buy anything bigger) and am AGAIN trying to get the weight off.
I am starting on Monday with a Medical Weight Loss . I am doing the "aggressive" plan. That means I am going to be drinking protein shakes and eating ONE protein bar a day. Yep, you read it correct 1 bar, 4 shakes, NO caffeine, sugar drinks, nothing JUST water & Crystal Light. Here goes nothing!!!

What are you doing to feel better?
Have you lost weight?
Share your story.
Support is the key!!


More Than A Mom said...

You can do it. I'm going to follow you now so I can see how you do. I am trying to lose 30 lbs since July 2009 (only half-hearted attempts) but since end of January I've had a cheerful competition with my friend on who loses the most percentage of body fat wins a movie at the end of each month. It is the motivation I need and now it's FINALLY starting to come off. Phew! Long comment. LOL
Happy Friday Follow.

B Sparkly said...

Happy FF!! I'm a new follower:) Come visit me @my blog. Have a great day!

tatum810 said...

I am a new follower from FF..Happy friday!!

Christina said...

Wow! I can't wait to see how it turns out for you! I too have had a weight loss journey (still doing it) down to a size 8 now - had gotten up to 14.

Here's to you!

Stopping by for the Friday Follow!


Moe said...

Good luck. THats what I am doing over at my blog too! Happy Friday Follow!

bizzimommiofboyz said...

Good Afternoon from a late Friday Follower!

Following from....


Hope you'll stop by

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