Monday, March 29

Weigh In # 3

Sorry, for the delay. After last Wednesday when I had a disagreement of sorts with Tina I was just in a bit of a FUNK. I am better now. I cleaned and cleaned and let the OCD take-over and I feel I got the control back. I am the type of person that lets it roll and lets it roll and then I explode. I hold it together really well, for the most part but for some reason she is the one person who can tick me off push my buttons and send me into a tail spin in 3 mins flat. AH!! The real success of the week was that I did not eat or drink or do anything to hinder my weight loss success. I called a friend talked it out and carried on with MY LIFE!

As for this weeks weight loss report.... 3 Lbs

It wasn't as good as last week or the week before, but it is still a loss. I know why I didn't lose as much. I didn't drink all my shakes! I had such a hard time getting that last one down at night. I MUST drink all four and eat the bar EVERYDAY this week and we will see if it aids in the weight loss.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 24

Weightloss Wednesday (Day 17)

As of today I have lost 2 more lbs. Heck yea!! It is beautiful outside and I am enjoying being able to run around the backyard with mini.
Tonight, cake decorating class, not to worry that lard icing crap the not so nice bitty lovely teacher wants us to use is GROSS. People, if you can not clean it off your spoon- you really do not want to eat it!
Next Wednesday... 1st TENNIS LESSON! So excited. Movement will be good. I can not call it exercise as that just makes my nose turn up. Hoping twice a week playing will be a good little pick me up.
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Tuesday, March 23

Day 16

Week 3 is going great thus far, I must tell you that this is not as bad as I everyone seems to think it is. I mean don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to munch on some goodies. I would. BUT, I guess now that I am finally HERE  as in ready, would do whatever my trusted doc told me too, like EAT !
It has taken me a long time to get here (3 years). You see I know the reason I am fat. I know my triggers. I know what to eat. I know how. BUT everytime STRESS hits I EAT!
I gained weight prior to getting prego and gained ALOT more after he was born and as much as being a Mom has been the best thing EVER it took me a long time to figure out how to balance ME in the equation. I was so worried about taking care of my babe and always putting him forst that I forgot about ME! I am finally taking care of Me and Hubs, Mini, work, home and everything else!)  But, I put myself back in. Losing the weight for GOOD is good for me and my family.

Monday, March 22

Weigh In

Today was my 2nd Weigh In and the Start of Week 3.
I lost 5 lbs!!
What a great week. I don't want to get my hopes up BUT, 
It sure would be awesome to lose like 30 lbs in this whole 6 week process. 
After the 6 weeks I will begin a Modified Plan and will start eating dinner.
It must be under 550 calories and be Healthy, Smart Food Choices. 
I am working on lots of yummy recipes that are under 400 calories.
Pop on over to Mama Bird's Nest
and look for this

Sunday, March 21

Weekend (Day 13 & 14)

The weekend was good.
I had a HUGE challenge on Saturday. We had Dinner Club and this is the 1st and only one thank goodness during my 6 week Detox! My friends are super supportive and have been so wonderful, but you know it isn't everyday that you show up at a Dinner Party to NOT eat or drink. We are quit a bunch of drinkers and so as the group ties one on I sipped on my Crystal Light and remembered what it was like being preggers.
It was hard, hardest thing I have done in a long time, harder than just staying home. I am that girl. I don't tend to take the easy way out. I faced it head on and I was FINE. I didn't die.  I lived to plan another day. YEA for ME!!

p.s. as I am writing this it's 10:01pm Sunday night and my Hubs just got his leftover piece of cheesecake (from last night's DC) drenched it is chocolate syrup and is munching down. GOOD GRIEF! If I can do this living with him- I can do ANYTHING!

Friday, March 19

Day 12

Feeling better yet nowhere near 100%. I am extreamly leary of drinking my shakes. It's not bad enough that I got this nasty stomach bug but, it better not de-rail my efforts to lose weight! I had just gotton into the swing of things and this struck me!! Not to fear, I am going to be strong. I am. Just because right now ginger-ale and chicken broth taste like a gourmet meal doesn't mean I can't go back to 8oz chalky vanilla shake 4 times a day with a bonus of a 2in bar to lighten the mood.
I think I can, I think I can, I know I can.

Thursday, March 18

Matazuma's Revenge (Days 9-11)

OMG, after such a successful weigh in on Monday and a good day Tues (I worked all day drank my shakes & ate my bar) Tuesday night I turned green according to Hubs and got the bug that the Boys had. I have it bad. The best case saniro is that it helped with weight loss. Gross, I know but, you gotta see some sort of positive in such an aful situation. It has been almost 48 hrs and I have had 1/2 a sleeve of saltine crackers and about 1/2 can of low sodium Campbell's kids Mega Noodles & Chicken Broth. I hope these will not ruin my week of loss but as I said on Sunday I just can't even imagine putting a milk like substance in my rotton gut! I pray that when I wake tomorrow the sun will shine, the birds will sing, and my poop will be solid.

Monday, March 15

Weigh In Day

Today was my 1st weigh in.
I LOST 8 lbs!!
I am so excited.
What a great success!
Even after having the horrific nausea of the past 2 days (the boys had a stomach bug) and having to eat a cup of chicken noodle soup and a ginger-ale in hopes to feel better. I could not stomach the idea of drinking those milky shakes. I  just knew if I was going to get sick I didn't want it to be on them. How could I possibly continue drinking them? Luckly, I never got the bug and am back to drinking my shakes.
Obviously, this plan is working and working well. If you want to see what I am doing go HERE .
Here's to WEEK 2!!

Sunday, March 14

The Weekend (Days 6 & 7)

The stomach bug has hit town and boy has it hit hard. I will not burden you with all the terrible details but safice it to say that it hit, left and came back.
Yesterday (Day 6) I did well. No cheating drank shakes, ate my bar and then the nausea set in and well today I have had some water and that's it. UCK.
Hoping if I have to resort to ginger ale it will not ruin a weeks worth of hard work.
Tomorrow is WEIGH IN DAY!! Can't wait to see how much I lost!

Friday, March 12

Day 5

Forgot to eat I mean drink my shakes today.
I had to actually remind myself to drink them! 
Big Changes.

Tonight cooking dinner was hard.
I wanted to just taste the food and oh,
did I mention that I baked 4 dozen cupcakes and a birthday cake today?
Dang, I didn't even taste the frosting!
I am holding strong!!
Go ME!

Thursday, March 11

Day 4

 I had a HUGE SUCCESS today actually 2!
First, I was a SUPER WIFE and went to Bojangles for Hubs and got his lunch complete with sweet tea and did not have a breakdown!
Second was I went to Bunko which I almost didn't go (as I was worried that I was so tired and my will power was fading). Elizabeth had made all sorts yummy looking homemade Mexican food that I was totally fine with NOT eating! I had let her know prior to going that I was not going to be eating dinner since I was on a new journey to a better me! I think this helped a lot! I also think that the fact that I have told everyone what I am doing that it holds me accountable. If all your friends and family know what your doing then there is less chance you will stray.
 Don't get me wrong I wanted to try everything.
I didn't.

Wednesday, March 10

Day 3

Today seems a bit better. I feel less puffy! I also am not suffering with such a headache as yesterday. I actually had to force myself to drink the last shake yesterday. I really had to choke it down as all I really wanted to do was to go to bed after working/standing for 10hrs! yikes. I did drink it. I slept a bit better last night and I drank my first shake about 8am .  Today went well. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 9

Day 2

(pic from Cosmogirl)

Woke up all night long. Was I hungry, thirsty, delusional from the lack of food?
Had a HORRIBLE headache today. I am sure it was mainly due to the lack of caffeine. I took 2 excedrins (prob not best choice, but much better than drinking a big glass of caffeine). Helped.
I worked all day today and managed to drink 5 (at least) 24oz jugs of water. YEA ME! I had 1/2 my Brownie Bar around 4 (not as good as the Cookies & Cream). It is MUCH easier to be busy. Much. I am hoping tomo will be ok and that I will start getting used to the lack of.
ps AVOID the pre-made Berry Shake (thought it would be yummy. NOT AT ALL. Tastes like medicine.

Monday, March 8

Day 1

Day 1~
I woke up early in anticipation for how today would go. It's 3:30 and I have had 2 shakes and 36 oz of water, 12 oz of crystal light. I am actually not hungry. This is the hardest time of day for me I usually grab an icy cold coke and a snack. So I think this may just be the best time to eat my protein bar (the 2 or 4 inch bar, depending on the flavor I pick!) The doctors office just called to check to see how I was doing. NICE. My 1st bar, Cookies and Cream is not bad. Kinda like the soft oreo. Think I will save half for later tonight.
I am really tired. No caffeine. No sugar. No calories. No wonder!

Sunday, March 7

Birthday = {almost} D- Day

Two Heather's Gonna Lose It

My Birthday is HERE!
Holy Moley I am 37 years old. I can not believe it. Seems like yesterday when I turned 30. My 30's have been good to me in respect to finding my wonderful husband to having my son, buying our house, living my dream.
My body- not so much.
I have gained a TON of weight and honestly for the past 2 years have done whatever I wanted, eaten whatever I wanted, drank whatever I wanted and it SHOWS.
As promised, tomorrow is D-Day.
No more:
coke or caffeine.
I am starting over.
I am going to drink this

I get 4 per day.

I am going to eat this...
Protein Nibble
once a day.
{7 bars... 1 per day... that's it}
you can't call a bar,
 I mean shit you need more that 2 bites to qualify as a BAR!

No wonder people are losing massive amounts of weight!
I am going from God knows how many calories to 640 liquid calories!
18-28 lbs is my predicted weight loss in 6 weeks.
I am praying this is TRUE!!
Wish me luck.

Are you on a weight loss journey?
Join me.
Let's support each other.

Friday, March 5

Doctor's Visit!

I went to the doctor and for the 1st time since I had Jack I looked at the scale. MORTIFIED! OMG I nearly pooped my pants. HOW have I gotton this BIG? How? Well, I know how, for the past 2 yrs I have cooked like my life depended on it. I have drank coke (the real thing) lots and lots of sweet tea,and honestly, have not done any form of exercise. No wonder I am FAT! Good grief, I have always had a problem with my weight I got to my heaviest in 1995 and at the time went from a 14 to 8. Then heavier in 1999 14+ down to 10 and now busting out of a 16 (refuse to buy anything bigger) and am AGAIN trying to get the weight off.
I am starting on Monday with a Medical Weight Loss . I am doing the "aggressive" plan. That means I am going to be drinking protein shakes and eating ONE protein bar a day. Yep, you read it correct 1 bar, 4 shakes, NO caffeine, sugar drinks, nothing JUST water & Crystal Light. Here goes nothing!!!

What are you doing to feel better?
Have you lost weight?
Share your story.
Support is the key!!

Monday, March 1


Can't believe I would say this
I am so ready to do this!
I am ready!
I really am.
Time has come...
I have a lot of weight to lose and this is IT!
Shocked that it took 2 weeks to get in the the doctor.
Guess, I am sort of getting a head start.
I am ADDICTED to Coke (a-Cola that is)
It is like a drug and I MUST stop drinking it TODAY!
Wonder how much I can lose in 1 week by stopping soda?