Friday, May 28

Weekly Wrap-up

Again, I apologize for my lack of blogging, it is sad to admit that I have been so busy that I haven't really thought to much about my weight and weight loss. Well, I have just not that many thoughts that I should be sharing! HA!

I have hit the DREADED PLATEAU! I have lost 42 lbs. Now, I am stuck.
So, I decided to try something a bit unconventional. I decided 1 week ago that I would just SWITCH it UP!

I had been drinking shakes twice a day and having dinner since mid April and figured if I gave my body a change then MAYBE I could SHOCK it into LOSING AGAIN?
I have continued drinking my breakfast shake as I am not a breakfast eater and this is so easy for me . For lunch I have just been eating a "normal" meal and doing the same for dinner. I have had healthy snacks and have maintained the same poundage for the past week. I am having a big Cookout/Pool Party tomorrow and going to a cookout on Sunday and plan to START my NEW Plan on Tuesday, June 1st.

I am starting ALL over! A whole new Diet Ticker. A NEW Goal. I am officially adding in EXERCISE! Gasp, I know I am so not a fan! Water Aerobics twice a week and swimming laps 3x a week. Yep, I said it. It is in black and white. I am doing it and I am going to shoot for the moon! Dream BIG dreams! I am going to SWIM off the rest of the FLAB!!

To leave you on a positive note, the JCrew Dress that I just LOVE and haven't fit into since b4b fits!!!

Tuesday, May 18

slacker... that is me!

Yes, you read it right!
I must admit I have NOT been doing my 30 Day Shred. I have NOT been working out or walking or even playing tennis!
I HAVE been cooking and baking like a mad woman.
HAVE been cleaning and gardening and painting and doing all things
Not that this is any excuse or that I am trying to make one.
Just wanted you all know I have not been sitting around on my tush eating bon-bons.
I AM still losing weight! 40 pounds now!!
Trying to drink my water. Making good food choices and being a HAPPY wife and mom!
Life is good.
Summer is HERE!
The pool is OPEN and I am ready to lose more LB's by swimming them OFF!!

What are you doing to lose weight?

Friday, May 14

Happy Friday!!

Friday Follow

Happy Friday! I am so excited that the weekend is HERE!! Today I am going to go enjoy a mani & pedi after I drop j at pre-school. A wonderful treat!! I think I deserve it! My hard work is paying off and rewarding myself with NON- food related goodies is a good thing!

How do you reward yourself?

Tuesday, May 11

long time, no see....

Can you say HECTIC? Crazy, nuts, super busy, insane in the brain? yes, well good that is me! My life seems to have hit overdrive and I am trying to get a few pieces of the puzzle back together! ha. I have been super busy with parties. Making lots and lots of cakes & cupcakes. Pop over to Mama Bird's Nest and see what I have been cooking.
I am still drinking my shakes for breakfast and lunch and eating great healthy meals for dinner. I have lost ALMOST 40lbs!!! 39 to be exact as of today!! Can I get a high five? A hip, hip HOORAY!!! I am stoked. I am wearing jeans right now that I have not been able to wear since B.J. (before jack) and I am loving it!! I am feeling great, better than I have in years.

How's your weight loss going? What works for you?