Thursday, January 12


it has been a week, a good one as far as my health goes.

I went to Zumba!

Took a really long walk pushing a carriage w/ 4 children!

(talk about a leg and arm workout!)

Resisted pizza TWICE.

Haven’t had any sugar drinks!

Went from at least a 2 lt a day of coke zero to 12 oz!!!

(wonder if the stock price of coke went down over the pass 10 days?)

Drank shakes as directed and drank oodles of water!

can already see a difference in my face, it’s looking THINNER!!

Great week.

Feeling tired, less alert. Hope I will start feeling better.


xoxo, bird


Thursday, January 5

Under promise, OVER achieve


Yep, that is my mantra for 2012.

Liquids, like before.

With my doctor, supervised.

NO DIET SODAS/tea etc…

NO Alcohol 

Drink TONS of Water

Zumba at least once a week.


Re Birth, A new beginning.

What’s different you ask?

I too am asking that question.

I think I found my soul.

The past few months many of my friends have lost a parent. I am too young to be losing parents. They were too young. They were all relatively healthy. I am not horribly unhealthy but I don’t want to be mediocre. I want to live a long life and see my son do amazing things. I want to grow old and have grandchildren. I want to grow old. So, I am taking my life back. Along with the help of a few prescription medications and the support of my friends and family I am going to DO THIS. And, do it right. I am going to get the 27lbs I gained and maybe even the other 13 I would LOVE to lose. I would feel SKINNY and HEALTHY!!

  ta ta for now- Katbird

Wednesday, January 4

Who is that FAT girl in the mirror?

Oh, it’s just me!

I can not believe it has been almost a year since I posted!!

I have GAINED 27 lbs

How sad,

I swore I wouldn’t

I did.


Pinned Image

So, as the great Dr. Seuss said

Today is your day, your off and away

And I am back.

I am back on the liquids. I went to Zumba and I am trying to give up coke zero!!

Dear Lord, I hope I can walk tomorrow.  


Friday, January 21

Working out?

Aren't you proud? Well. I sure as heck and so freaking proud of ME!!

Weekly Wrap
Here is what I did this week. And before you want to puke, I am not doing this brag. I am recording this the way I recored all my ups and downs with the food part. It is my way of holding me accountable.

Monday~ worked  1/2 day
Tuesday~ 30 mins treadmill, 30 min circut
Wednesday~ worked ALL day- out w/ Bunko girls
Thursday~ 30 mins treadmill 30 min circut
ZUMBA 1 hour!!!!!!!!
Friday~ 45mins treadmill 2.7miles. GREAT!

ZUMBA!! Have you tried it? This was my 1st experiance. I LOVED IT!!
Best time, most fun, laughed at myself the entire hour.
Soaking wet hair, stinky from sweat.
Kat (which how could I not, we share a name) & Courtney are the BEST.
Check them out on Facebook.
They have fans from all over the world and for once I am excited to live in my small town.
Why? 'cause this is where they live!!
ZUMBA at La Rumba

Monday, January 17

OMG..... I'M Back

I am back and the news is good.
I have maintained my weight!
Gained a few from Turkey Day to New Years but lost it!
NOW.... I am going to FINALLY add the workout.
I know, I know I have mentioned (hum, um) before that I was going to work out.
Well. I am. I have and I like it.
I have more energy and am WAY nicer.
Family likes that.
My goal is a 5K in this Spring.
Going to a Runmotavited Info Class next Tues. I will let you all know how this goes.
IF they do what they say they can do then I will go from no real movement other than chasing Jack thru Target to running in 6 weeks. PERFECT.
Why you ask.
In 7 WEEKS it will have been 1 year since I started my journey to find ME.
The healthy, happy ME.
My Birthday.
It's all about me!

Thursday, June 24


Today I am SO HAPPY to say
I have LOST 50 lbs!!!
I can fit in my wedding dress.
Think I will throw a soiree' and wear it!

What's new with you?

Friday, June 18

Weekly Wrap-up

Happy Friday!!

A few things I have learned...
I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to!
Caffeine SLOWS the weight loss progress
Drinking TONS of WATER does make your skin look GREAT!

As for the DIET...
I swam 3 times this week for 45 mins! yea me!
I have been a bit slack on my water.
I have drank some diet soda  (BAD!!)
Eating very little meat, LOTS of FRESH veggies from MY GARDEN!
DOWN 47 lbs