Friday, June 18

Weekly Wrap-up

Happy Friday!!

A few things I have learned...
I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to!
Caffeine SLOWS the weight loss progress
Drinking TONS of WATER does make your skin look GREAT!

As for the DIET...
I swam 3 times this week for 45 mins! yea me!
I have been a bit slack on my water.
I have drank some diet soda  (BAD!!)
Eating very little meat, LOTS of FRESH veggies from MY GARDEN!
DOWN 47 lbs


Coffee Please!?! said...

good for you!!! i did yoga 2xs this week and kettlebells class once. they're both over for the summer though ... boo!! i had no idea about the caffeine. thanks for the tip!

Krystal said...

You're doing great!!! I need to get me started and you're giving me the motivation I need!!

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