Thursday, January 12


it has been a week, a good one as far as my health goes.

I went to Zumba!

Took a really long walk pushing a carriage w/ 4 children!

(talk about a leg and arm workout!)

Resisted pizza TWICE.

Haven’t had any sugar drinks!

Went from at least a 2 lt a day of coke zero to 12 oz!!!

(wonder if the stock price of coke went down over the pass 10 days?)

Drank shakes as directed and drank oodles of water!

can already see a difference in my face, it’s looking THINNER!!

Great week.

Feeling tired, less alert. Hope I will start feeling better.


xoxo, bird



Vanessa said...

What a great week with lots of activity!! I have been busy trying to burn calories too & it's left me feeling great!

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