Sunday, April 4

Happy Easter!! {weekend wrap-up}

Hope everyone had a wonderful day! It has been so beautiful today about 80 degrees and sunshine! Hubs went fishing and got home late last night. He caught an 18.5 in Mountain Trout! Aparently, this is a BIG FISH! Yea for him.
I had a bunch of really BIG ACCOMPLISHMENTS this weekend!!
Jack had 4 friends over on Friday to dye Easter Eggs and play outside. I fixed lunch for them all and drank my shake with a smile on my face!
Yesterday, we went to an Egg Hunt and I took Mom & Jack out to lunch (my first time out to eat without eating!) Again, I drank my shake and we went on with our fun day!
Today, we went to church and then over to Dad's for Easter Lunch. There were 22 people there! I had planned all week to partake in the lunch. Talked to my doc and decided that if I gave myself 1 free meal it would make the week go by so much better. It worked! I did great! I had 2 bites of ham, 3 bites of brocolli salad (which was the best thing there, I made it!) a bite each of potato salad, deviled egg and carrot cake.  That was it. I was satisified. I was full. I remained in CONTROL!! I am soooooo proud! Surly, this was less than 310 calories which is what I eliminated by not drinking my shake for lunch or my protein bar. You think? 
I played tennis twice this week and ran around the backyard like a crazy person 2 days in a row! 
And... drumroll please! I wore a skirt to church this morning that didn't fit last summer! I have gone down a WHOLE SIZE!!  
It is great to know that what I am doing is working!! I feel good and I am looking better. Healthier.
Till tomorrow... Weigh-in and the start of week 5.


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